MPC Data Training Workshops

The Minnesota Population Center offers a variety of training opportunities for MPC members, staff, graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and the public.

MPC Data Training Workshops

In these hands-on workshops, researchers will learn about the content of MPC's free data resources and receive basic information about how to get and use the data. Researchers are encouraged to visit the U-Spatial training site to learn more about ongoing GIS workshops that support population research.

  • Free MPC Data Training Workshops [Click Here to Register Online]. The Minnesota Population Center invites you to learn how to access and to use the world's largest repositories of demographic data. Topics covered include selecting variables, extracting data, and running statistical analyses in SAS, SPSS, STATA, and Excel using sample data extracts from IPUMS-USA, IPUMS-International, NHGIS, Terra Populus, and IDHS.
  • Geographic Information Systems 101: Analyzing Data and Creating Maps. This free 7-hour workshop introduces participants to using a geographic information system (GIS) to analyze data and create maps. Through a combination of presentations and hands-on exercises, participants will learn basic GIS concepts and the fundamentals of spatial analysis. While this workshop is taught using Esri ArcMap software, the concepts apply to geographic information systems in general.
  • Web Mapping 101: Introduction to Web Mapping - This free 3-hour workshop introduces participants to creating online maps using Esri's ArcGIS Online platform. Through a combination of presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, participants will learn the foundations of designing and sharing online maps. Topics covered include preparing data for use, accessing data on the web, working with thematic and reference maps, and creating and sharing well-designed online maps.
  • LiDAR Basics - LiDAR data has been collected for most of the state of Minnesota and is currently being acquired and delivered for the remainder. LiDAR-users are faced with specific challenges in making best-use of this robust dataset. Lecture and hands-on exercise materials will be provided for practice as well as reference documents. 

    Fee Note: The LiDAR Basics course has a $40 fee for University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff, and a $110 fee for those from outside the University of Minnesota. 

Workshops at Upcoming National Conferences

MPC project staff regularly provide half-day workshops at national conferences such as the annual meetings of the Population Association of America, the American Sociological Association and the American Public Health Association. Look here for registration information on upcoming MPC data workshops.