Spring 2016 Seminars

Monday, January 25
Gender Inequality in the Life Cycle: The Effect of Parenthood on the Division of Unpaid Work
Joan Garcia Roman, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota

Monday, February 1
White Shoes and Happy Cows: Social Networks and Human-Environment Dynamics in Agriculture
Steve Manson, Geography, Environment, and Society,University of Minnesota

Monday, February 8
Commuter Couples and Careers: Gender Asymmetric Correlates of a Shared Personal Sacrifice
Marta Murray-Close, Economics, University of Massachusetts Amherst
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Monday, February 15
What’s Not on The Map (and What That Means for Intelligent Technologies)
Brent Hecht, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota

Monday, February 22
Adapting the Own-Children Method for Estimating Fertility Using IPUMS-International Census Microdata Without Model Life Tables
Bob McCaa, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota
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Monday, February 29
Plant and Animal Migration Under Climate Change and Opportunities for Adaptation through Natural Resource Management
Jessica Hellmann, Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota

Monday, March 7
Integrating the Demographic and Health Surveys: Past Achievements and Future Prospects
Elizabeth Boyle and Miriam King , Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota

Monday, March 21
Population Association of America Paper Presentations
Minnesota Population Center Members and Staff, University of Minnesota

Monday, March 28
The Impact of Population and Economic Growth on the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals
Iñaki Permanyer, Center for Demographic Studies, University of Barcelona

Monday, April 4
Naming the Precious Child: New Approaches to Measuring Child Quality, with Applications to Historical U.S. Censuses
Josh Goldstein, Demography,University of California, Berkeley

Monday, April 11
Estimating the Effect of Education on Mortality in the Presence of Migration: Evidence from the Jim Crow South
Bhash Mazumder, Chicago Census Research Data Center, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Monday, April 18
Declines in Marriage: The Importance of Socioeconomic Inequality
Kelly Raley, Sociology,University of Texas, Austin

Monday, April 25
Move Up or Move Back? The Impact of Non-Employment Duration and Reason on Women’s Workforce Reentry
Anne Kaduk, Sociology, University of Minnesota

Monday, May 2
Well-being in Same-Sex Couples and Families
Wendy Manning, Sociology, Bowling Green State University