Fall 2014 Seminars

Monday, September 15:
Unpartnered Mothers, Living Arrangements, and Poverty: A Cross-National Comparison
Jim Raymo, Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Monday, September 22:
Creating the Black Ghetto: Black Residential Patterns Before and During the Great Migration
John Logan, Sociology, Brown University

Monday, September 29:
Food Security and Teenage Labor Supply
Matthew Kim, Economics, University of St. Thomas

Monday, October 6:
Understanding the Relationship between the School Breakfast Program and Food Insecurity
David Frisvold, Economics, University of Iowa

Monday, October 13:
Economic Conditions and Children's Mental Health
Ezra Golberstein, Health Policy and Management, University of Minnesota

Monday, October 20:
Integration Now, Integration Forever? The Fragmented Progress of Racial Integration since the Civil Rights Movement
Michael Bader, Sociology, American University

Monday, October 27:
Mass Probation by the Numbers: Community Supervision in the U.S.
Michelle Phelps, Sociology, University of Minnesota

Monday, November 3:
The Dynamics of Romantic Relationships, Pregnancy Desires, and Unintended Pregnancy:
Some Insights from Weekly Data
Jennifer Barber, Sociology, University of Michigan
Co-sponsored with the Life Course Center

Monday, November 10:
IHIS: Integrating and Tracking 50+ Years of Information on the Health of the US Population
Julia A. Rivera Drew, Research Associate, Minnesota Population Center

Monday, November 17:
The Temporal Dynamics of Black Migration to the South, 1970-2000: New Insights on Old Trends
Jack DeWaard, Sociology, University of Minnesota

Monday, November 24:
Some Explorations in Identifying Contextual Units Relevant to Live as Lived: Space, Place, and Mobility
Stephen Matthews, Sociology, The Pennsylvania State University

Monday, December 1:
Population Disability in an Environmental Context
Philippa Clark, Institute for Social Research and Department of Epidemiology, University of Michigan
Co-sponsored with the Life Course Center