Fall 2013 Seminars

Fall 2013 Schedule

Fall 2013

Monday, September 16:
"Fifty Years of Family Change: From Consensus to Complexity"
*Frank Furstenburg, Department of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania

Monday, September 23:
"Testing for Racial Bias in Traffic Stops and Searches"
Joseph Ritter, Department of Applied Economics, University of Minnesota

Monday, September 30:
"Understanding the Long-Run Decline in Interstate Migration"
Sam Schulhofer-Wohl, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Monday, October 7:
"The Hidden Cost of War: Exposure to Armed Conflict and Birth Outcomes"
Florencia Torche, Department of Sociology, New York University

Monday, October 14:
"Work-Family Policies and Women's Entrepreneurship in Cross-National Perspective: Preliminary Findings"
*Michelle Budig, Department of Sociology, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Monday, October 21:
"Panel Discussion: 'Publishing Population Studies Research'"
J. David Hacker, Historical Methods; J. Michael Oakes, Health and Place
Christopher Uggen, Contexts Magazine; Rob Warren, Sociology and Education

Monday, October 28:
"How Spatial are Public Use Microdata? Experiments in Combining Microdata and Small Area Data"
Nicholas Nagle, Department of Geography, University of Tennessee Knoxville

Monday, November 4:
"Comparisons of At-Home and Breadwinner Parents' Time Use: What Matters Most, Gender or Jobs?"
*Noelle Chesley, Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Monday, November 11:
"Using a Housing Experiment to Inform Neighborhood Effects on Adolescent Mental Health"
Theresa Osypuk, Epidemiology and Community Health, University of Minnesota

Monday, November 18:
"Opportunities for Using and Creating Medicare Linkages"
Beth Virnig, Division of Health Policy and Management, University of Minnesota

Monday, November 25:
"Is it Who You Are or Where You Live? Community Effects on Fertility Behavior during the Demographic Transition in Sweden"
Martin Dribe, Department of Economic History, Lund University

*Co-Sponsored with the Life Course Center