Seminar Series, Fall 2016

Fall 2016 Schedule

Fall 2016 Seminar Series Flyer

Monday, September 12
The Structure of U.S. Families and Intergenerational Transfers
Judith Seltzer, Sociology, University of California Los Angeles

Monday, September 19
Using to Study Residential Racial Segregation and Diversity
Richard Wright, Geography, Dartmouth College
Monday, September 26
Climate Shocks, Migration and Mortality in Developing Countries: Case Studies Using TerraPop
Raphael Nawrotzki, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota
Monday, October 3
Social Context and the Permeability of Racial Identity Boundaries: How Place Shapes Race
Carolyn Liebler, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota
Monday, October 10
Intergenerational Mobility During the Great Depression
James Feigenbaum, Economics, Harvard University
Monday,  October 17
The Lasting Legacy of Seasonal Influenza: In-utero Exposure and Human Capital Development
Hannes Schwandt, Economics, University of Zurich
Monday, October 24
Understanding Internal Migration to Urban Areas: Evidence from Censuses and Surveys from the Developing World
Deborah Balk, School of Public Affairs, City University of New York
Monday, October 31
Examining Rural Sahelian Out-Migration in the Context of Climate Change: A Multi-Method Analysis of the Linkages Between Rainfall and Outmigration in Two Rural Villages between 1981-2009
Kathryn Grace, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota
Monday, November 7
The Epidemiological Transition in United States Cities, 1900-1940
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Monday, November 14
Working Conditions and Health, An International Comparison Between 34 European Countries
Johanna Muckenhuber, Social Medicine and Epidemiology
Medical University of Graz, Graz, Austria
co-sponsored by Center for Austrian Studies
Monday, November 21
Sanitary Intervention, Municipal Effort and the Decline of Mortality in England and Wales, Circa 1859-1914
University of Strathclyde, and University of Southampton
Monday, November 28
Self-Rated Health Across Different Urban Definitions in China
Audrey Dorelien, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota
Monday, December 5
The Social Climate for LGBTQ Youth: How We Measure It and Why It Matters
Marla Eisenberg, Epidemiology, University of Minnesota
Monday, December 12
IPUMS-Time Use: Simplifying Access to the World’s Time Diary Data
Sarah Flood, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota