IPUMS Research Awards

IPUMS is excited to announce the winners of its annual IPUMS Research Awards. The awards honor the best of 2016’s published research and self-nominated graduate student papers that used IPUMS data to advance or deepen our understanding of social and demographic processes.


The winners of the IPUMS Health Surveys Research Awards were:

Published Research:
Family structure and child health: Does the sex composition of parents matter?
Corrine Reczek, Russell Spiker, Hui Liu, Robert Crosnoe

Student Research:
“Unhealthy” Returns to Education: Variation in BMI-Associated Premature Adult Mortality by Educational Attainment
Iliya Gutin

The winners of the IPUMS International Research Awards were:

Published Research Co-Winners:
Regional Variations in Farming Household Structure for the Swedish Elderly, 1890-1908
Mark Magnuson

Mapping internal connectivity through human migration in malaria endemic countries
Alessandro Sorichetta, Tom Bird, Nick Ruktanonchai, Elisabeth zu Erbach-Schoenberg, Carla Pezzulo, Natalia Tejedor, Ian Waldock, Jason Sadler, Andres Garcia, Luigi Sedda & Andrew Tatem

Student Research:
The Effects of Free Primary Education on Occupational Choice and Internal Migration in Kenya, Malawi and Zambia
Celine Zipfel

The winners of the IPUMS USA Research Awards were:

Published Research:
Does Educational Equality Increase Mobility? Exploiting 19th Century U.S. Compulsory Schooling Laws
Emily Rauscher

Student Research Co-Winners:
More is Less? The Impact of Family Size on Education Outcomes in the United States, 1850-1940
Hui Ren Tan
The Citizenship Advantage: Immigrant Socioeconomic Attainment across Generations in the Age of Mass Migration
Peter Catron


We are pleased to announce the 9th annual competition for the best research papers using the IPUMS microdata collection. Papers or publications submitted should utilize IPUMS USA, IPUMS CPS, IPUMS International, IPUMS NAPP, or IPUMS Health Surveys to study social, economic, and/or demographic processes. We are looking particularly for papers that use innovative approaches, comparative analyses, interesting variables, or multiple IPUMS datasets.

Cash prizes will be awarded in two categories:

  • Best published work
  • Best work by a graduate student (published or unpublished)

The deadline for submitting papers or publications is Monday, February 13, 2017. To nominate a paper for an award (self-nominations are welcome), please e-mail a PDF of the paper to mpc@umn.edu with the subject line “IPUMS Research Award Submission.” In order to be considered for a cash prize, all emails must contain the following information: 

  • Corresponding Author's Name
  • Corresponding Author's E-mail Address
  • Corresponding Author's Institution
  • Full Title, or Citation if published
  • The IPUMS dataset(s) used for the research
  • Is the corresponding author a graduate student?
  • If not a student, what year paper published (and if online or print)
  • Where is IPUMS mentioned/cited in the paper? Note: Please do not submit if IPUMS is not cited
  • Your Name (If not the author) 

Note: If sending a book, please address to:

Attn.: Rachel MagennisMinneapolis Population Center225 19th Ave S.50 Willey HallMinneapolis, MN 55455

You can find a list of our previous IPUMS Research Award winners for reference.