Kazumi Tsuchiya

MPC Population Health Postdoctoral Fellow

As a population health postdoctoral fellow with the MPC, Dr. Tsuchiya’s research focuses on social determinants of health and racial and ethnic health disparities. Specifically, she is interested in how intergenerational, life course, and stress mechanisms affect health. Additionally, she is interested in migration, immigrant families, and their health.

Her dissertation examined how citizenship status, family and psychosocial factors were associated with health among second-generation immigrant youth. Additionally, she has worked on the Fathers and Sons Intervention project at the University of Michigan, which seeks to improve communication between nonresident African American fathers and their sons. She has also conducted evaluation on a multi-site project funded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation focused on increasing access to local food and physical activity for families across the US.

During her postdoc, she plans to expand her research methodologies to include longitudinal and biological mechanisms to enhance understanding of racial and ethnic health disparities.