Jonas Helgertz

Research Scientist
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Dr. Jonas Helgertz is a research scientist in the University of Minnesota's Minnesota Population Center as well as an associate professor in Economic History at Lund University, Sweden, from where he also received his PhD. His work has been published in Demography, Journal of Economic History, Intelligence and the Journal of Population Economics.

Dr. Helgertz works on a range of issues concerning life-course determinants of demographic, socioeconomic and health outcomes, on Swedish register data as well as historical US census data. He is involved in several projects on linking historical US census data and mortality records, with the purpose of better understanding how decisions and events occurring early in life influence longevity. His work on Swedish data similarly covers several topics, including the consequences of parental divorce and subsequent stepfamily formation for the children exposed as well as work on a more historical setting on the socioeconomic and contextual determinants of mortality. 

Selected Publications

Helgertz, J., & Bengtsson, T., (2019):  The long lasting influenza: The impact of fetal stress during the 1918 influenza pandemic on socioeconomic attainment and health in Sweden 1968-2012. Forthcoming, Demography.

Helgertz, J., & Nilsson, A., (2018): The effect of birth weight on hospitalizations and sickness absences: a longitudinal study of Swedish siblings.Journal of Population Economics

Dribe, M., & Helgertz, J., (2016): The lasting impact of grandfathers: Class, occupational status, and earnings over three generations in Sweden 1815-2011. Journal of Economic History.