Chris Boyd Leon

MPC Population Studies Trainee
Applied Economics
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Research Interests

Rural and agricultural economics; migration; work, family, and time


My previous research in Peru included analyzing the demographic changes of young rural women, and the impact of childcare on women's employment and gender relationships. This pushed me to take the introductory class on Population Studies during Fall 2018. While taking this class and knowing more about MPC, I decided to become part of the Graduate Training Program in Population Studies.

Besides recently published working papers on Rural Youth Demography and the impact of childcare in Peru, I am currently working with Peruvian colleagues on understading and categorizing internal migration in Peru. As an MPC Graduate Trainee I plan to study the relationship between urbanization and agriculture. 

As a young researcher in Peru, I have received the CIES National Research Contest Grant twice, among other fellowships. As a Ph.D. student, I was awarded the Meyers Travel Scholarship to conduct fieldwork on price risk and insurance with Peruvian farmers during the Summer of 2019.

Selected Publications

Boyd, C. (2019). “Trajectories of Young Rural Women in Rural Peru. Reflections for Public Policy and Rural Development from the Population Censuses (1961-2017)”. Working Paper IEP N°254, Development Studies Series, 30. Working Paper RIMISP N°245. Lima: IEP; RIMISP. Available in Spanish at

Boyd, C. and J. M. Rentería (2018). “The Care Economy, Gender Inequalities and Participation in the Labor Market: The Case of Cuna Mas”. Final Report PMA2AN60-333. Lima: IEP, CIES. Available in Spanish at

Boyd, C. and U. Aldana (2018) “The Impacts of Financial Education for the Poorest. Evidence from the Impact Evaluation of the "Savings Promotion Pilot for Juntos Families". In: Villada, I. et al. (editors) “Capital Project Peru: Evidence and Incidence to Translate A Political Idea into a Public Policy”. Lima: IEP, Capital Project. Available in Spanish at