Scientific/Technical Core

What we do

The MPC Scientific/Technical Core (STC) advances research in population dynamics by providing services in computing and software development, spatial analysis, and data science. STC provides expertise to investigators designing new projects, coordinates technical support of ongoing research projects, and helps investigators master advanced methods and technologies. Computing and software development services include the development of new software for consistency checking, automated data cleaning and editing, sampling, disclosure control, database harmonization, metadata creation and parsing, and web-based tools for documentation browsing, extraction, and analysis as well as systems administration. Spatial analysis services include training in GIS and spatial statistics, data preparation, data analysis, and data visualization. Data sciences services include data retrieval and preparation; design and development of data integration and dissemination projects; and data coding, cleaning, and preparation.

Who we are

Scientific/Technical Core Directors:

  • Catherine Fitch, Scientific/Technical Core Director
  • Fran Frabrizio, IT Director
  • Matthew Sobek, Data Science Services Director
  • David Van Riper, Spatial Analysis Director

Contact us

Please contact Cathy Fitch for assistance or more for information regarding Scientific/Technical Core services.